Jujitsu Video's - Self Defence, Martial Arts

Video: SX02317 Paul demonstrating hip throw

Video: SX02320 Three arm locks from a standing position

Video: SX02326 Jujitsu demonstration: David defending with hip throw

Video: SX02330 Leg sweep with arm break

Video: SX02342 defending and returning series of counter attacks

Video: SX02332 half shoulder with arm lock

Video: SX02346 defending against attack with sacrifice throw

Video: SX02335 throwing David using headlock

Video: SX02337 legsweep into head lock

Video: SX02339 defending and strangling Version 1

Video: SX02340 Jujitsu demonstration: defending and strangling Version 2

Video 1: Defending against knife attack

Video 2: Jujitsu stick disarming technique

Video 3: Jujitsu techniques

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