About Murray's Jujitsu Academy Waterford

What the club is about

Unfortunately we live in a fairly violent society and it does no harm to be able to defend yourself from an attack.

Hopefully, you will never have to use what you learn, on the street, or in a real situation, but if you do, your Jujitsu training will definitely increase your changes of keeping yourself protected.

I believe that what you learn in my classes can really be a good influence in your everyday life. As well as learning practical self defence techniques, your training should also boost your self-confidence, fitness and your ability to deal with real situations effectively.

Jujitsu belts and gradings

I don't put too much emphasis on belts and gradings, because I believe that a good technique, performed properly can be just as effective whether you are a white, brown or black belt. That is not to say that I don't grade my students, because I do when they are ready! I feel that what a student learns on their journey to achieve a belt is far more important than the belt itself. I've been studying martial arts for over 25 years and I'm still learning.

Way Murray's Jujitsu Academy Waterford is run

My club is run in a very relaxed and informal manner. The classes are structured and we follow a syllabus, but it is not regimental. Training is taken very seriously, but students are free to express opinions and question techniques they are learning and ideas I am throwing at them.

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