About David Murray Jujitsu Instructor: Martial Arts background in Judo & Karate

Jujitsu instructor profile

I suppose you could say that martial arts runs in the family. As well as my own training and studying, my father (sensei Robert Murray) and my brother (sensei Paul Murray) are both proficient and well regarded martial artists.

Judo and Karate background

From a young age I was surrounded by various martial arts and watched and listened as my father practiced his. When I was just 6, I started studying Judo. It felt really natural for me and I loved it. I added Karate training a few years later and really loved that as well.

During my years studying Judo and Karate I entered many competitions and had great success, winning many trophies at junior level.

At 14, I decided to give up my training as I started becoming interested in the kind of things that most teenage boys became interested in! It wasn't long, however, before I was back into martial arts after an offer from my father to help out in the new Jujitsu club he had just started up.


From the first session I was hooked! It was just perfect for me and I felt that it all just made sense. I really liked its realistic approach to self defense that made me believe you could really use this stuff out there on the street. I was able to draw on my experiences from Judo and Karate and use similar techniques, but now for maximum effect.

Other Martial Arts: Tai Chi & Wing Chun

Over the years, I have enriched my Jujitsu training with other martial arts, and have spent time learning Tai Chi and Wing Chun. I don't believe that one martial art is better than another. Jujitsu is my preferred art, but I have added elements of some of the other arts to my structure, because I liked a lot of their ideas. I believe that a good martial artist must be open-minded and embrace new and different concepts, rather then sticking rigidly to one martial art and following it to the letter. Taking elements that you like from other martial arts and including it in your training can be of great benefit.

Jujitsu influences

My two main influences in Jujitsu have been my father, professor Robert Murray (6th dan Jujitsu, 4th dan Karate) and professor Del Connelly (9th dan, head of Connelly Jujitsu Federation). My father has a great deal of experience as a martial artist and has studied many disciplines, such as Wing Chun, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and of course Karate and Jujitsu. The club I studied at taught Connelly Federation Jujitsu. Del Connely, head instructor, played a big role in influencing my attitude to Jujitsu. He also studied various martial arts over the years, and has a very open-minded attitude, allowing him to have a vast knowledge and great experience.

Teaching style

I would like to think that I am an approachable, easy-going, friendly instructor who likes to encourage students rather than put pressure on them. Martial arts should be enjoyed, and studied at a pace that suits you.

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